The lives of human beings are generally routine in nature, during most part of their life span, without much change in their daily work. It is therefore natural for people to aspire and try for happiness, peace and all possible worldly comforts during their life time. They get attracted by and inclined towards objects of enjoyment. But like day and night, there also exist sorrow, pain, fear, uncertainties, difficulties etc, which affect everybody at one time or other, with variable degrees. They cannot be avoided completely by anybody. These negative aspects cause mental disturbance and affect the peace of mind. The people struggle for solutions, sometime without desired results. Then the belief in God, Who is considered to be omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent assumes greater importance. Craving for solace, solutions and peace, the people seek the blessing advice of learned scholars and sages. In bygone days, the saint scholars used to live in the secluded places like Ashrama, temple, Matha and others. With the power of austerity, they tried their best to help and rescue the mankind from mundane worries and sufferings.

They alarmed the world about the evil results of deep involvement in worldly pleasures and enjoyment. They cautioned about righteous and unrighteous paths and urged to follow righteous path for the benefit in this life and the life hereafter. They used to preach the essence of sacred lores – Veda, Upanishads and others and showed the noble path of worship of the Lord and other deities with pure devotion. Thus, these centres became the abodes of blessing solace to grief stricken beings.

Later on, these centres were replaced by Mathas. Mathas were the religious centres headed by a Sanyasin with learned scholars and learning pupils. Belonging to one or other cult, Mathas have been playing an important role in continuing the teaching-learning process of sacred lores and preserving the culture and heritage. The saint scholars of theistic and atheistic schools established some Mathas to propagate the doctrines of their schools and promote the cultured tradition.

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